Instructions for Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation will be allotted a time slot of 15 minutes. These 15 minutes are subdivided as follows:

• 12 minutes for the presentation (including conclusions);
• 3 minutes for questions and switching (changing presentation file and/or computer, announcement by chair, etc.).

In order to ensure that each speaker has equal time to present his/her paper, the session chairpersons will rigidly enforce the time allocated to your presentation.

All slides must be in English. We strongly recommend that the oral presentation be also in English, but presentations in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian will be also accepted, provided that the slides are in English. The number of non-English presentations should be kept to a minimum, as we encourage the authors to adopt English as the main conference language as much as possible.

All session rooms will be equipped with one laptop computer with Windows and Adobe Reader 10.0.1, as well as a projector and screen. Authors are strongly encouraged to use the provided computers for their presentations. Authors are asked to copy their presentations to the respective session room´s computer long before the start of the session (ideally, one day in advance, or the coffee break before the session). Please do not let it for the last minute.

Authors who wish to use his/her personal computers are kindly asked to test the connection with the projector and screen in the respective session room also long before the start of the session (ideally, one day in advance, or the coffee break before the session). Please do not let it for the last minute. This is extremely important in order to avoid delays during the sessions, as well as frustrated animations and other presentation resources. Also, please bring your own cables or adapters if you have special plugs in your computer. In any case, the use of personal computers should be avoided whenever possible, in an attempt to avoid delays that could impact in the whole conference schedule.

No-shows will be treated as an empty presentation slot, i.e., there will be no presentations at the respective time slot (the remaining presentations will not be shifted up).

Instructions for Poster Presentation

In this edition of CILAMCE, the Organization Committee is innovating with the implementation of the E-Poster, following the sustainable posture to reduce the amount of printed paper and tarp at events. With the arrival of E-Poster there will not be the presencial presentation and the posters will be digitally shown in digital-totens arranged in the middle of the Congress. This way, the participant has easy, dynamic, modern and an attractive access to all posters. But because the E-posters and the digital-totens are new, they deserve attention to the instructions. It is entirely responsibility of the authors to send the E-poster file at its total to the email: The exhibition tool for the paper need attention by the authors at the moment to arranging of the visual E-poster presentation. It is suggested to observe some technical details listed below with the aim to enhance the paper without interfering the author’s creativity. 

  • The poster must be elaborated in Power Point and be saved in PDF when sent to the event organization;
  • Maximum of 3 slides per poster;
  • The first slide must show the title of the paper, name of the authors, origin institution and the declaration of conflicts interest, informing supports received;
  • The last slide must show the bibliographics references;
  • Font and size letters: arial, minimum size for the title: 18, minimum size for general subjects: 12, minimum size for references: 10. Use of contrasting colors between for good visualization;
  • Use of italic it is destined only to indicate terms in other languages;
  • Title (capital letter, bold and centralized;
  • Authors and institutional affiliates. Indicate at footnote the author’s institution and e-mail of the rapporteur;
  • Subject structure:
  1. Introduction and Goals;
  2. Methodology;
  3. Results and Arguments
  4. Conclusion;
  5. References;
  • The E-poster title must be identical to the abstract. Below the title must be the authors names and its institutions. When there are more than one author,  they must be separated by ;

Onsite Directions

ONE DAY prior to your presentation, check in at your respective Session Room.
Ten minutes prior to the beginning of your session, meet the session chairs and your fellow presenters in your assigned session room. This will allow you to check the presentation sequence, learn how to operate the audiovisual equipment, and be advised of the system for time keeping.